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Namaste James ,


ctober is all about what happens after we “balanced” in September. It is concerned with what “hangs in the balance” as karma. We delve deeper into the realm of soul renewal, growth, and emotional liberation. A side effect is having higher sexual drives than usual. This too is a good thing especially if you made the “connect” with your Twin Flame. Soul matting alerts continue in “the red” throughout October. Let’s see what happens in the next episode of our soul development.

We must account for time to create the “Zen”.

We take a look at the whole of our life and divide it into “pieces” as:

Time to wake up

Time to work

Time for family

Time for friends

Time to “love”

These are all important “pieces” to the whole of experiencing Zen in your life. Time can be a form of “release, transformation, and freedom” or it can be what binds us to “old” patterns of thinking, being, and doing. How do you turn on the TV to watch daytime “drama” only to say out loud, “I would never do that” and you do it. We are all “connected” by our habits. But in reality there is no one to blame for what you do except one person “you”. When we say I can’t do this or that – it translates spiritually to “I’m afraid to do this or that…because…”

We fill in the blanks and account for our “own energy”. This is the message going in to Scorpio. If you’ve been working hard on the job for a special promotion, news comes! Have you been really giving it your all towards a special weight loss goal? Have you been taking the time to meditate or use any of the new special astrology systems to help you make sense of life’s purpose for you? These are all applauding “good habits”. But in all the mix there is one very important “piece” left to feel fulfilled, satisfied, happy, confident, and “thriving”? Environment plays a major role in how well we do in life. There is always a bigger piece to the whole that covers every facet of “time”. It’s love – real love.

Astrology helps us understand the “fish bowl” or cosmic awareness. October 4th Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio – the matchmaking sign of “destiny, soul mates, karma, and rebirth”. It does the job of aligning us up for “destiny” and clearing old karma to move out of “emotional ruts”. Chiron (R) tours Pisces for “closure”. Vesta enters Sagittarius October 6th. Whatever we love most “that” is what we are most loyal towards isn’t it? Whatever we are most “loyal” towards we devote the most “time”. Loyalty creates habit-forming patterns of “character”. Character builds drive, determination, will and skill towards what is best for you to decide, live, and experience as a “whole”. You don’t have to worry about getting the best because you are the person “co-creating” destiny and in control of what happens “next”.

This gears us up for A Full Moon 100% Lunar Eclipse in Aries – the zodiac of “fresh starts” October 8th. Okay so you have dreams but you may not know the first step to take towards making those dreams “real”. It requires a plan, a devotion to the plan, and self-discipline to carry things to completion. Aries wants you to clear up old karmic debts and unfinished business of “what” you’ll do moving forward. Juno enters Leo October 7th. Based on what you “know” now how can you re-map successful outcomes in love, money, building loyal relationships, and staying in control of “self” and not dictating control over others?

We become territorial the more we feel our intimacies are crossed. Private thoughts, moments, and contemplation times are extremely “personal”. This is when you just “let go” of whatever is on the mind and running through it at the time. Thought is “energy” and where we direct our energy is how we spend our time. It is also “the castles” we are building up as mindfulness. Mercury (R) regresses back to Libra October 10th. Libra influences the biggest changes in self-worth, earning potential, and receiving inheritances or some kind of “real” property. Libra is about bringing the “same” creative passions together to work on one important creative project or “several”. Take advantage of workshops, networking events, and arrange special meetings with “cold calls” from a well-informed perspective.

The more you know about a person’s interests, likes, or passions the easier it is to gain their trust to work together. It ensures “harmonious” communications. You’ll be on the same page and work at the same level of devotion. That means the partnership is balanced and all those investing in the project feel secure they’ll see a return of their investment. These are the things we hope to do, the people we hope to meet, and the life we hope to life all at “one” thought of energy as “feeling, intuition, and direction of energy flow” – Qi.

Pallas enters Scorpio October 19th. If you are a new talent in the world it’s time to shine your light. Shop affordable ways to promote talents, a new business, or service. Take advantage of special astrology events and work with an expert astrologist to “calendar” promotions, sales, or specials to attract more customers. Metaphysics is a “new” industry. This leaves it wide open for new careers and super stars of industry, right? If you have special talents, psychic powers, or abilities the world needs you. Take free online quizzes. Follow up on workshops, v-logs, and free classes for Higher Self, Intuition Development, Life Skills, and Soul Growth. Can you make the commitment from whatever “day” forward you’ll do what’s right for self? Devote the time towards building up the perfect home, small, or e-business.

October 23rd we see the lighter side of life! Sun, a New Moon + partial Solar Eclipse, and Venus enter Scorpio stimulating all 8th House activities. Funding will be a major concern for everyone. Taxes, insurance, divorce settlements of any kind, and court related finances are in the spotlight. Have a great business idea? Hire a literary professional to draw up a business plan or do one of your own using a successful “template”. Present it for bankroll or a loan. Apply for bank loans. Shop free websites for “Angel Networks” if you want to work in “entertainment” and in need of financial support.

Try Feng Shui to channel, direct, and enhance Good Luck energies. It helps you “attract” what you want with superpower results! Investigate or follow up on that fascination with crystals, stones, or gems keyed to your zodiac. Learn more about power colors and the best times to have “meetings” with an expert in Feng Shui or Astrology. Astrologists run specials! You’ll get noticed FAST!

Artists you’ll be ready to sign with legal representation. Are you on the hunt? Match up with the right person to represent your interests. Get familiar with what is standard for pay scale and ask FAQs that relate to how you can financially make more money off your craft or creative career. Are you aware of what ancillary or royalty income is?

Acquire information on what is industry standard as far as benefits or insurance goes. Working on a contractual basis gives you more power and more access towards what could be “franchise” material or millions $$$ in earning potential. It’s on you to find out. Ask for 2nd – 3rd – and 4th opinions from those “in the know” and those who are loyal to the integrity of their profession. Read feedback from other clients. Just as you are being interviewed you have a right to “interview” as well. So before any important meetings create “FAQs” lists. Being prepared is being “forearmed”. Get into what new platforms there are to showcase your voice using social media, non-profit events, or local fundraisers.

If you have debts to pay schedule an appropriate time to settle based on what you can do or call a specialist or firm to do it for you. Stop worrying about how much money you do or don’t have enough of. Let go and re-focus the aim. Focus on what is important in the “present” and work on what you can do at the moment to bring harmony back into balance.

Emotions control our “finances, financial streams, and financial karma”. Drop the baggage and seek “alternative options”. Ceres enters Sagittarius October 27th. Prepare for “what you want to happen”. It will. Surprise! Remember everything has its own sense of “timing” divine and otherwise. Pray for what you want to come or ask for “what you need to know” to be brought to your attention. When we can’t “find” it’s better to stay still and attract. This is what “fish” do when entering uncertain waters. Take a lesson from nature.

This involves staying focused more on what you “want” and less on what you don’t want as “thoughts”. There are several Time Management, Energy Medicine, and EMT workshops available and some are FREE online. It also means doing more of what you love to do and less of what you don’t. If you have a job you don’t like, find something to like or love about it so you stay productive and perform at “high levels”. The bosses will take notice and you can expect good news around the 26th of a new job, promotion, or bonus you didn’t see coming but “wished for”.

We all realize the employment environment has changed and we can’t cry over spilt milk but we must look at what we “can do”, can commit towards, and can eventually “become” to make life balance and stay balanced. We have to create a “plan” and stick to that plan as well as you can perform it. Get creative with “budgets” and remove financial blocks of any kind. The more you accomplish the more confidence you’ll build up as “force” of success! You may need to step back if you’ve been working too hard. We have holes in our life when we feel important or big pieces of it are missing. Artists if you’ve had a time getting a dream off the ground due to funding, getting the right VIP’s interest, or drumming up local support that all changes by taking more “chances” to put the word out.

Mercury goes direct in Libra October 25th. This is an ideal day to get do some serious self-pampering while the kids are in school! Take advantage of special deals to detoxify, shape, or contour your body on a budget you can afford. Shop shape houses, steam rooms, massage salons, or reiki practices. Get the details and call in before showing up so you know what to expect. You could also toy with the idea of a new hair color or style! Good for you. News inheritance comes! Loved ones pass but leave you something special to remember them by. Losing someone close is never easy but remember time does heal all wounds when you just “let go” and practice gratitude. It is kind for them to have thought of you in their final “hours”. Be sure to send out peaceful prayers of “thanks”. Acts of compassion continue in romance.

Mars enters Capricorn October 26th. Gifts are exchanged from the heart. Expect to hear of marriages to persons of VIP influence, celebrities, or world banking leaders. Expect to meet “the one” or prepare now using Soul Astrology or Love Tarot. There are several free v-logs online. Couples intimacy issues wreak havoc in the bedroom. Or some of you could be using mind games to control the relationship. What you are really doing is “undermining” it. When self isn’t proactively doing it can be progressively “un-doing” all the hard work you put in to your relationship. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship but having a healthy sex life is a priority for many.

It’s hard to be close to someone you don’t feel spiritually close to especially if you are tied to another person or in today’s cases – past life love connection. Remember we are in the midst of Twin Flame mating season at its peak. Karmic vibrations are bringing “soul life mates” together for all the right reasons. The best preparation to meet “yours” is self-love therapy, self-improvement, and spiritual transformation. In the Esoteric circle this is called “Ascension”.

It’s impossible to commit the heart when it is “committed or devoted” to something or someone else. That’s a clear indication of misplaced “loyalty”. Being together and letting things roll by will only work so long before the silence breaks. The heart is highly complex but simple in what it desires. This is the reason for yoga and aligning one’s sense of energies towards what is working for you and “not against you” karmically.

Just like you can tell a tree by its fruit so too you can tell how “happy” a relationship is based on what is happening “around it” as the environment. Mirror, mirror – remember? If you want the outside to be in harmony it’s a must for the inside to be harmonious – first. You can’t clear what’s going on around you until you remove the clutter inside the heart.

Cosmos is saying this loud and clear via heavenly contacts, information, and for some angelic or paranormal “visits”. Tend to the “roots” of issues and you’ll always have the sweetest ripest yummiest fruit. You’ll also have a highly productive “tree-like” relationship that fits “you” instead of the other way around. The more at home you feel the easier it is to be “true to self”. Being true to self is the same as being true to one’s nature or natural being. You aren’t wearing a mask or putting on a façade to gain another’s trust. That means this person accepts you “as is”.

Remember the scene in Bridget Jones – when he told her “I love you, just as you are”? Isn’t this what you want in a relationship? Start giving it by being honest about failings and forgiving of others. Space doesn’t create it “space”. We create what we live in or use as “barriers” to block energy.

We determine how much time we’ll spend with a person. We control what “enters” and “exits” heart. So this puts you back in control of you and you, only. Remember we respect life in all forms and this means giving others “their space” when they ask for it. It’s a fine balance between counseling and dictating. Walk it with ease.

Listen without judging sometimes a person just needs another to “sound off” on. Ask up front what they are expecting from you when engaging in intimate talks. Do they just want you to listen or contribute advice? Clarify this going in so there is understanding “coming out”. If you don’t know an answer “say it”. But you have a good idea of where to look make suggestions. Some of you could build a career out of being the “Go to” person. Just ask Oprah Winfrey! We all need someone to listen, talk to, and just be with us during times of crises. So work on acquiring these kinds of life long companionships so you are always sailing or drifting in the right direction for “you”.

Address issues by setting time aside and “asking” for your partner’s commitment. Have “suggestions” instead of ultimatums if it’s not life threatening. De-escalate screaming matches to “listen”. Two people screaming can’t hear the other out.

Secret affairs, love triangles, and scandal must be “discussed” calmly and without judgment. If you want answers – real ones – it requires patience, tolerance, and lots of emotional maturity. What is dead will die off and what is left will rise like the “phoenix from the ashes”. You are now ready to explore the greater potentials life has in store for you! It’s time to make fresh starts in the right direction or add “fresh perspective” to old situations in need of “upgrade”.

“Compassion, forgiveness, these are the real, ultimate sources of power for peace and success in life.”

< Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama >

What are they saying? – The affects of September activity in October

September 2 – Mercury enters Libra –

Did you get some “personal time” for you to think and just be? Did you remember to checklist “pros” and “cons” while meditating. Intuition is a powerful weapon when we harness it for “real answers”. Setting aside a personal day for “you” time is vital and vitalizing in love, finance, or anything related to relocating for a new job. You can’t get the magic until you make it, first. Twin Flame connection alert! If a person felt oddly familiar it’s a good sign. Astrology transit analysis lines up “what’s coming”. Did you get a reading?

September 5 – Jupiter Leo, Pluto (R) Capricorn

New careers emerged for “brokers, agents, and go-betweens”. Metaphysics puts you in the know of certain people looking for certain things. You have answers for both sides as the middle person. Did you start a career or e-business doing this for a living? Job seekers hopefully you didn’t miss job fairs sponsored by talent, literary, entertainment, and sports agencies. Get familiar with pay scales and study industry tips to bring you’re “A-game”.

September 5 – Venus enters Virgo – 00’00”

Love needs room to flow and flourish! Purify deep emotional wounds using metaphysics. Use symptoms as online search keywords. Face it, break ups are never easy but were you better off in the long run? Did you employ organizational and analytical talents to get life in balance? Consultants you should have had a super day in attracting new leads and customers! Did you advertise ESP chops of “accuracy” with eye-catching promos or 2 for 1-specials? Contests are cool ways to get interaction, too. Artists if you had a pitch meeting today you should have slam-dunked it! All you had to do was be well prepared. Did you get caught up on housecleaning, laundry, or winterizing tasks? You want home to be in tiptop shape.

September 8 – Full Moon – (8:36pm EST) – Pisces

Life requires “closure”. Did you get yours? Did you address old wounds and shake that monkey off your back? It’s time to commit to fresh starts. Do you have mediumship or telepathy talents? Online quizzes make it easy, convenient, and private to discover hidden esoteric powers. Did you enroll in a workshop or class to enhance Tarot skills? Soul mating alert! Twin Flame connection alert! Did you meet someone special and especially “familiar”?

September 13 – Mars enters Sagittarius – 00’00”

Secret crushes can’t go on any longer. There was a need and urgency to tell the person you care most about that “you love them”. Did a friendship turn into a relationship? Did you get out and look for new interests, people, and places to learn about? The truth comes out for many couples and it wasn’t pleasant but at least it’s a start in the right direction. The truth does set you “free”.

September 22 – Pluto turns direct – Capricorn 11’00”

Feng Shui has become all the rage! Have you used yours to work dreams into being? All it took is a little time, space, and energy to attract much more “good luck” in love, finances, and career passions. Many started new jobs today and you’ll get another wave of good luck in October! Wishes do come true so be more responsible about what you ask for with good planning.

September 22 – Sun enters Libra – 00’00”

Oh-oh it’s life lesson learning time! Practicing “good karma” saves the day for many. One good turn merits 10 others from places you didn’t see coming. Yeah! Financial negotiations went well for partnership or joint ventures. Listen and make good notes of what others expect from you. Did you appear on TV or was your work featured for some awesome public awareness project? Today was perfect. Were you red-carpet ready for some formal event? Couples you need more harmony to save and strengthen the relationship. Did you try astrology compatibility systems? There are several FREE offers coming in October, too. Singles you were probably better off using Love Tarot if you have specific questions about a special “someone”.

September 23 – Jupiter Leo, Chiron (R) Pisces

You were born to be a Star! Did you shine your light at a recent VIP event? Were you able to rub elbows with celebrities or get a few wise words in a brief conversation? That circles back with opportunities in October. Be prepared for more “eleventh hour” type events in October when the phone rings and its…OMG!

September 24 – New Moon – (2:14am EST) – Libra

It’s all about matching up and getting in “balance”. Many unusual events brought you together with people from various backgrounds to work on “one” or several new projects. It seems the word is getting out about you and what you can do with that “light” of yours. Shine it more and promote using key astrology events or favorable dates for you. Astrology can be personalized to fit any need, project, or endeavor because it gives “oneness”. Feng Shui helps you capture high levels of “good luck”. Be sure to start prepping with a specialist in any “type” of Feng Shui. Shop local spiritual bookstores for deals on crystals, gems, and stones to use in “light work” and channeling positive energies.

September 25 – Jupiter Leo, Uranus (R) Aries

Love was superglue! You and sweetie couldn’t seem to peel apart from one another. Did you get in some shopping, time with the kids, or a movie for two? Stocks are hot. If you played the game and follow up on hunches you should be a few “zeroes” richer. Good for you! Financial Astrology and Money Tarot are hot for answers, clues, and signs of what’s to come in October. Are you ready for greatness?

September 27 – Mercury enters Scorpio – 00’00”

The only way to make things last is for them to “match, pair, or complement”. Are you applying personal Feng Shui emotionally to match up with what “fits” you? If you are using astrology, numerology or any other metaphysics you are on the right track towards true emotional freedom! ChooChoo! A new train of thought helps you out of tight jams. Closure came in highly emotional situations. You can’t get away from the facts of a situation. Now it’s time to consider how you are better off. Jump. Life is taking a huge curve to be more “spiritual” and less material. Good times flow when you roll with things and a strong spirit is the beginning of a “clear mind”. Were you able to begin a personal self-journey towards “enlightenment”? Did you start shopping for more literature on life philosophies that work for you?

Earth signs – Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn –

1st Half of the month
Health may have been a huge concern last month and that trails off into this month, too. It will be crucial to keep a calm mind during life’s little and big surprises. Remember every cloud has a silver lining. Seek the “positive”. Keep the mind open for fresh perspective. Nothing is as it appears. So wave away holograms of grief, worry, and doubt. When you feel thought energies going in dark directions try music, comedy, or art to cheer up with. Be alone and cheer up before going out and socializing. Pick up a new exercise, dance class, or physical activity to release extra energies. Change times you exercise based on how you “feel” at certain parts of the day or night. Or, if you have that super good friend who is more like a sibling call them up and “go off”. Tell them you just need them to listen a spell while you unload what is emotionally blocking “clarity” of thought process. When you finish you’ll have lost pounds and life will be back to smelling “rosy”. Some could hear news of loved ones passing. Reflect on the joy to help you balance out the “pain”. Get rid of “guilt” once and for all. Admit to what you did and look for solutions – “only”. Be silent when things get heated. It takes two to tango. Direct “money, time, and resources” towards worthy projects. Create more space to do what you want and less of what others are bossing you around to do for them.


You have this much to complete and only this much to “complete it” with. Stop! Prioritize. Don’t blow it all in one direction. Sit down. Plan where you want to seek employment. Ask self, “Why do I want to work at this particular place?” Focus on what you can offer the employer so you are prepared during interviews. Plan what kind of job feels best to do. Plan a career that works for you and benefits in the long run with Career Astrology or Job Tarot. Plan building that extra room. Sit down and plan what you will teach your child. Unless you see “signs” going off about a sure thing do the homework and check for “corporate karma”. What you buy into is what others’ will believe you bought into. If you work in any consulting practice or career it’s all about building more trust. Go over operations. Troubleshoot where there can be features added or upgraded. Refine customer service and appreciation. People love to know how much you care based on how well you anticipate needs. You can do this all this time by paying closer attention to monthly horoscopes and applying celestial advisories. Scandal could rock a few big businesses as dirty laundry financial secrets, double bookings, and creative accounting make the press. If you use Money Tarot or Financial Astrology many will dodge huge bullets of “loss”. Get familiar with how money especially royalties is made so you know how much you can expect from investments. Review contracts with “what-if” situations and ask the right questions before “signing anything”. All sales will be final. Employment markets expand and there are more jobs in “new lines of spiritual work”. If you are gifted and accurate start an e-counseling site or Tarot practice. Specialize what you do by seeing what is being “offered”. Go commercial with creative ideas and shop them to VIPs on the hunt for “the new and fresh”. Copyright first so you are not left out in the cold. Ask for credit and build up credits with gigs, creative ad-hoc jobs, or be an “extra” in a film. Trust hunches. Destiny calls and what is meant to be will be.


The weeks for the 8th and the 26th are best for first dates with new loves. Couples you may need to get to know each other all over again. Yes, you’ll need to devote more time towards being intimate, honest, and non-judgmental. Ask questions about “childhood”. Discuss sexual fantasies and leave an “open door” policy when it comes to listening. As long as it isn’t illegal or outright felonious – give it a consideration. Isn’t it better if you please them than for someone else to do it for you? Secrecy can be a big hindrance towards intimacy. You can feel what they are thinking about doing but you’ll have no proof. Remember confessions are not to be held against a person. They trust you. Some relationships may reach their limit and break up is the only solution for either of you to “heal” emotionally. Open the ears, heart, and mind towards what “mate” desires, wants, and expects. But don’t be a doormat. You’ll both be happier. New love vibrations are super high! You’ll be more attracted to a person spiritually than physically when you first meet and this is a good step in the right direction. Spiritually based relationships leave space for growth personally and as a couple. There could be talks about “moving in” but discuss habits first. You want to know what can be potential “deal breakers”. More Twin Flames make the curve to meet “again” in this lifetime. Prepare now with the right kind of astrology systems and Love Tarot guidance. There are also things to look out for called “Twin Flame symptoms”. Get familiar with online studies.

2nd Half of the month
There are plenty of good surprises in store and a few things you were deeply concerned about happen and you’ll need to adjust or readjust. There is no one person who knows-it-all but there is several people who know a little about everything. They are the experts. You could become one with training, workshops, classes, and free online v-logs. What took years to learn is now comprehended in minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Give self more intensive care, attention, and psychic awareness. Tap into full power to heal self then write about self-journeys. The world loves to share in success stories. Make life easier by creating a team of support systems. Have “go to” places, websites, or people you talk to about “anything”. It will give you the preparation you need in times of “uncertainty” or crises.


The only way to truly be successful is by doing what you love as a living. Have you recently ended a job or been displaced from an employer going out of business? Reinvent the wheel of personal wealth and develop your spirituality. Consider a career in e-counseling, life coaching, or therapeutic healing. Open a detoxification center that teaches herbal awareness about blood cleansing. Teach awareness workshops on alkaline eating habits. Take a chance on random opportunities that spring up out of nowhere. Income comes from unlikely sources. Beat the clock and stop missing opportunities. Consult with a Tarot expert for a timeline “spread”. Experts or new “experts” offer spiritual services or wellness products to big corporations. A happy employee is a productive employee. If you see injustice speak up but use etiquette, wit, and policy. Remember there is protocol for everything. People respect a person who speaks their mind with intelligence and compassion. Are you in any sales career, profession, or business? Feng Shui your website. Corporate Feng Shui is the new “rage” and all the big companies are following suit in getting with the times we live in. You can do the same on an affordable budget. Lottery winnings will bring huge payouts for those with the “Midas Touch”. Trust strong hunches but play responsibly. Diversity will open new doors in careers you’ve dreamt of learning, being, and doing! It begins with self-investment. Pick one small project. Put your all into making it “big” or inspirational to others. Share in “select” circles and social media pools. Want to get the word out for a noble cause? Check in with non-profits and see where you can fit in the picture of “fundraising”. You could literally “luck” into a new job, passion, or devotion. Keep the green teas and Chamomile around for tough days or moody ones. Remember how we feel affects how much “money” we can make “manifest”. It’s all about creating more joy! Do your best and let the rest “go”.


More surprises! The person you’ve been waiting to see or missing “appears”. Whatever was keeping the two of you apart is “no longer”. See what positive thinking and trust in universe does for confidence? Universe reads energy and “thought” is energy. Devote time daily towards meditating on the “ideal” love for you. If you are in a relationship be willing to open up about what ticks you off and how things can go smoother. Once we identify our emotional “triggers” it is our job to protect self from them. Twin Flames and soul mate encounters continue to unite “life mates”. In nature there are some creatures that choose a mate for life. We do the same in selecting a person who makes us want to wake up and embrace new wonders! You’ll be more attracted to people with strong minds that know what they like and don’t like. You’ll want more intellectual stimulation and long talks while holding hands. It’s the little things that bring us closer to the divine within one another. Are you in a relationship that needs some sizzle? Sexual Astrology is perfect for strengthening intimacy and building solid sexual attraction that last. You don’t have to read minds to know what your mate is thinking or wanting but Love Telepathy workshops are popping up all over the place. Grab your special someone and try a few. Remember the same souls learn the same life lessons as “pods”. It’s time to identify your special someone by “type, likes, and mutual passions”. You want to grow together. It’s all about harmony!

Water signs – Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer –

1st Half of the month
Of all the elements yours will be dealing with the most “surprise” endings. Endings are “fresh starts”. Fresh starts put you back in the beginning of a new phase. You can re-build from ground up something stronger, better, faster, and you’ll be wiser. Reincarnation could be a subject that circles continuously as “numerical sequences” something you hear on the radio or a TV commercial trigger past life times. Karmic Astrology is best to cleanse whatever has been holding you back. Positive thinking and an upbeat attitude give you a new outlook. This time around can be different. You know more and you’re smarter about making life decisions. What is worth your energy, time, and resources? Focus on “aiming for the target” and sticking tough landings with astrology transit reports. You can’t navigate a way out until you see how you “got into” a particular situation. Family will be super-important. Keep lots of healthy snacks in the home for the kiddies after school. Healthy foods keep us in a good mood. Read the labels and steer clear of sugar, cornstarch, and potato starch ingredients. They slow down the brain, cloud thinking, and block the colon from removing “waste”. Stay well hydrated. Try the new alkaline pH waters and green powder drinks for stamina. Swap out coffee for “green teas”.


So an old boss leaves or suddenly departs their position in the middle of a deadline. You’ll be the person others look to for leadership because you know the routine best. Don’t groan be excited, and glad others find you so valuable. It’s a good thing. If you need more time say something and delegate responsibilities to those you can trust. If you can’t but you need to give them the work create ways to make them accountable for what they do or “don’t” do. You may need to reinvent new systems to change how workflows go. Be prepared and prep files earlier than usual. If the boss rubs you the wrong way don’t go off, calm down, reconfigure, or take a walk. Fresh air will do you all the good in the world. You may need to be a bit more systematic about your job and up-do a few things to make shortcuts work better. Consider Feng Shui-ing the workplace so you feel like working “better”. How well you do is based on how well you plan, organize, and prioritize. Set aside a personal day to go over weekly calendars and fore-plan for the “unexpected” for example take more time for self before starting the day. Plan for extra traffic and pick out alternate routes.


The only games in a relationship should be the ones in cardboard boxes marked “Milton & Bradley”. Mind games don’t do anything but charge the both of you “up” with negative energy. Like a cold it goes back and forth until you remedy the situation with a heart-to-heart. Mind reading is possible but only after there has been a meeting of the minds, heart, and soul – first. A close friend gives valuable advice on remembering “the first time” you met. Going back to those kinds of “feelings” distinguishes doubts and re-tools weaknesses into strengths. Singles a friend or two could be trying to play matchmaker with you and a mutual person. If you have ambivalent feelings don’t say “yes” when you really mean, “No, thanks”. Be honest and save the friendship. Do get out of the house and try new places, faces, and hobbies. Get more physical about keeping up your body. Make changes without being “changed” or forced into being a person you aren’t at heart. New relationships get habits out in the open. Stop the silent treatments so there can be closure and new understanding. If squeezing the tube in the middle is driving you nuts say something without using that as the “trigger” to start a debate about bigger issues. Living with someone requires “adjustments” and no one is perfect, right? You can only work on being perfect for each other and that is a process.

2nd Half of the month –

Sexual relations fall into categories of steamy, dreamy, and “Ah, I could’ve had a V-8!” None of like to talk about sexual expectations unless in a “dark room” but these types of topics need to come to “light” if you want to see improvement. Either speak up or move on to the “new”. Get regular check-ups to make sure everything is in working order. Some could be planning pregnancies. Good news comes! Congratulations. Didn’t plan? Congratulations, any way. Life is a gift to be shared. Do your best. That’s all anyone can expect including “you”. If you are in need of some counseling there are several free online e-counseling sites. Or you can talk to a trusted friend privately. The point is it’s healthier to release than to build up frustrations and strike without warning. Yoga is a huge help in relieving stress, directing energy, and quieting the brain.


Money, money, money! You’ll be in the pink as the bank accounts roll into the “black”. You know those random ideas that came to you out of nowhere? Did you record them to work into a project, business, or e-business? If you did you can expect great news when investors seek you out to buy “in”. The more hard work you’ve devoted generates bigger payouts for high stakes. Metaphysics is a new industry. Many of you are psychically charged and highly accurate with “knowing events”. Make a living at it with workshops or v-logs. Become a commercial blogger or social media writer. Big corporations are looking for original thinkers to populate “original and relevant content”. Feeling lucky? Lottery payouts are higher than usual and you could hit on those lucky numbers you received in “mysterious” astrology emails. Consult with an astrologist or Corporate Feng Shui expert on what you can do to attract more sales. Employment opportunities open doors for new leaders. Apply. Pray with conviction and dress for the part if you are interviewing. Prepare to answer questions based on “What” you consider as the ideal employee for the position. Let supervisors know how you can make life “better” in the workplace. Artists build up credits and shop freelance websites for posh “gigs” that take you to new career plateaus. Frequent sites that provide “Angel” funding to independent projects and upload yours. You want to be in the right place at the right time to meet the right people.


You could be more emotional or hypersensitive than usual. So take this in consideration when a loved one says something that triggers an unexpected reaction. Count. Breathe. Review. What do you want to happen from this point forward? Now regroup a solution with your mate or partner. Have suggestions ready and try not to bully each other into ultimatums. You want to get the best and that starts by “inspiring” it, first. You can’t truly love someone you don’t respect or vice versa. Wake up calls could mean “breaking up” and getting a little space. You can set a time or date to come back to things but don’t make it too long otherwise you’re mate could move on with a new love. Singles will be ready to hang out and chill. What’s that? It’s a pair of mysterious eyes coupled with a come hither “smile”. Will you? Come hither? You should at least start a conversation. This could be the “one”. Twin Flame and Soul mating encounters happen when you least expect it. Remember there is timing and there is “divine timing”. Have you met your TF? Find a workshop to build and strengthen the relationship so you are more aware of its purpose and powers. Surprise! Find out how sexually compatible you are with Sexual Astrology reports. It could really surprise you in a good way.

Air signs – Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra –

1st Half of the month
Soul development and growth are most important to you now. You are transforming and some are what we call “Ascending” into higher realms of psychic awareness and direction. Are you going with the flow or bucking the reprogramming? If you try to buck the system karma will force surprise endings. If you go with what universe is sending your direction you win BIG! Mental clarity is vital towards making clear life decisions. If you aren’t sure consult with astrology, numerology, or Rune experts. There are several new metaphysical therapies to calm the nerves, and re-habilitate logic. You need fresh perspective like “air”. Get lots of it with reputable websites and “bookmark”. Some could be working too hard and in need of R & R. Set aside a personal day to “do whatever” so you can balance “work and fun”. Plan hiking trips or watch the sunrise. Water and having pictures of “water” or oceans is highly therapeutic. You are your environment and you absorb everything as “energy”. So focus on keep an energy-friendly environment for you. Steer clear of energy zappers. These are associates who bring you “down” mentally or discourage you from making positive changes out of their own “personal fears and self-loathing”. Remember misery loves company. Learn how to separate “work life” from “home life”. Never mix the two. Are you drinking enough water on the daily? Sometimes we think we’re hungry when we are really “thirsty”. Drink water instead of “snacking” on junk foods or sugar “highs”.


You could be in the refining stages of developing a solid objective to “determine” the aim of whatever you’re endeavoring. Sometimes there are too many “thoughts”. This creates “indecision” about politically correct financial moves. That’s right “politics” plays a huge role in what you choose or choose to be “led” into. For you and that superior intellect it can be trying to balance when there is no “love” in what you are doing. You say, “What am I doing this for again?” Intuitively you know why. In fact focusing on understanding how intuition works is the surest way to collect huge payouts from “sure things”. When you aren’t sure rely on Financial Astrology, Money Tarot, or a regular astrology transit report. You need to read “patterns” and see how energy is moving. Karma in specific Corporate and Career Karma are subjects to delve into. Couple that with Karmic Astrology and you are set to rake in some serious #PAYOLA. Life makes sense when you are just having fun with the “process” of selection. Ever wander around the grocers putting whatever you want only to pay for what you need when you reach the registry. That’s the modus operandi now, too. Think about others and less about self when making generous commitments in fresh projects or new talent. You have an eye for spotting real gems. But where can you place them in the market? Sharpen brokering and agent skills with “Intuition” workshops. Sometimes, you just over think when you must focus on “simplifying” the aim.


For you love and finances blend “perfectly”. One stimulates growth for the other. Mind over matter is the “cue”. Salmon swim upstream just to meet their “life’s mate”. This is different in semantics than per se a “life mate” but the process is much the same. There are several types of unions and weirdly you need a touch of them all to sustain a long-term relationship. You need to have a mate who can provide a variety of “stimulations” intellectually. You desire and crave a person to match wits and the loins, oui? Soul mating and Twin Flame matching seasons are in full bloom. But you can’t meet the “one” watching TV. Get out and mingle. Take friends up on offers to hang out. Have a “certain Twin Flame candidate” in mindfulness? Consult a Love or Love Wicca specialist. Love is keyed to “lunar” or High Priestess energy directly so it is the same as romancing a “woman”. This applies to all genders. With love “we think” of how to seduce the Divine at this level of psychic mating and awareness. You are tapping the Divine for a “hook-up”. Universe reads love frequencies at a HIGHER, stronger, and more forceful registry. You’ll need to temper “jealousy” using yoga so you can metaphysically “balance” emotional pH energy. Air signs will be on the hunt and star struck when a dominant, freethinking intellectual strolls in beaming with electric sex appeal, and a nonchalant attitude. The “purple triangle” formed by Sun, Moon, and a super strong Venus sweeps you off the feet. It’s the Fonzi meets “Lady Pink” effect – you’ll feel the “air” crackle every time this person is close. There’s something oddly familiar about their mystique you are buying into lock, stock, and the whole damn farm! One glitch, this person is repelled and that means you’ll have to convince them its destiny without “mind games”. Why? Simple. The frequency is “fragile” when dishonesty comes into play. If you really want this person it will require “self-control” and a compassionate persona. Read more about Twin Flame “symptoms”.

2nd Half of the months –

Health matters are mucho important. If you’ve been trying to kick some personal habits like smoking, think and pause for a moment. Yes, you can quit “cold turkey” but what happens then those “emotional triggers” circle back as “karma”? You’ll need to go at a pace you can realistically achieve. This means adding interests and passions, mindfully. A busy but organized mind is a healthy one for you. The mind needs new metaphysical stimulation. Workshops to strengthen intuition or engage with the Higher Self are vital for soul growth. Many reach “Ascension” in the esoteric. Choose a spiritual system that works for you. Begin with the basics of astrology and numerology. Tarot is best for answers related to “emotional issues” there are some that address mental wellness. Shop for a psychology Tarot expert or ask a spiritual bookstore specialist. Be honest about emotions. Habits are formed as a way of overcompensating or trying to get a fast “fix” from certain kinds of trauma from childhood. Healing takes time so you’ll need to create “space” for it. Feng Shui the home, office, and where ever you spend a great deal of time. Water, pictures of water, and ocean blues are highly effective to “temper” mood swings. If you get any material on “Divine Connections” pick it up! You’ll feel heaven in every word because it will heal you and realign “chakras”.


Karma plays a huge role in what you receive financially. Whatever you put in is what you can expect. Don’t look for “extra” that’s when it comes on its own. Have fun when playing the lottery games but don’t bet the diaper money or rent. Do as many random acts of kindness you can to build up “good karma”. Be someone’s Secret Santa. People love a simple heart that understands others’ circumstances. You could luck into several offers to buy new companies or buy in as a “partner”. Be a fair partner in what you ask and expect. Share creative control and say-so in order to get the most out of capital ventures especially if it happens to be with the “artistic” type. Re-do the office with Feng Shui and try working with “crystals, stones, or gems”. You can hire a specialist or “light worker” to do this for you or show you how. There are also several v-logs online. Money works best when you match up with “what’s available” and this requires a universal snapshot using astrology. Money flows come in “cycles”. Reading the patterns of the cycles is how you’ll intuit the next big thing that “feels right” to the gut. Sure things come by word of mouth or studious observation. Metaphysics plays a huge part in sizing up new offers in employment, too. Do what you love as a living and you’ll always have lots of $$$! Clear the mind, and meditate on the “ideal” with feeling instead of “thinking”. Take up “mind clearing” techniques with “breathing” exercises. When unsure – wait – that means you require more facts. Get familiar with how you are making the money related to royalties, settlements, or insurance payouts. You need to account for what you have or haven’t received in a “time-sensitive” manner. Hunt freelance gigs or contract-for-hire(s) with online websites. Ask friends in the “business” for leads. Have a stellar profile or resume “ready” to land dream jobs in leadership.


Love vibes are roasting with fiery potential. Who shall you bake tonight? Hmmm…that will taste yummy on your partner. These are the naughty little thoughts running through the mind at random intervals. You won’t be one to say what you are feeling but you’ll be quick to demonstrate when given the chance to be alone with a very special person. Do you have the perfect love nest to entertain? What power colors are you trying out for “effect”? You could literally sweep a person off their feet when you turn up the charm and turn down the lights. It’s a Barry White bonanza when “air” signs secure lasting unions with a certain soulful person you just love to be around. Speaking of that, you could be a bit smothering. Balance. Respect the other person’s space and right to hang out with other people. Sharing is caring. Tell your mate about jealousy triggers so they can be mindful of not “tripping the wires”. You want to harmonize, blend, and be “oneness”. But is it exclusive? Some could ask for alternative sexual lifestyles. It’s better to ask than to sneak around and be found out. Remember this whole month is about “karma” cleansing. Be direct about sexual fetishes. Explain “why” you like certain things to sell the idea “home”. Couples you can really benefit from Sexual Astrology and Sexual Tarot to clear misunderstandings that are perhaps too intimate to say out loud. Handle your mate with lots of care, tolerance, and a firm hand. You are not a doormat but a “helpful” healer in the relationship for each other. Look for ways to strengthen each other’s weaknesses without being judgmental about it. Take a “if the shoe was on the other foot” motive when it comes to having each other’s backs. Loyalty makes all the difference!

Fire signs – Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries –

1st Half of the month
Okay so there is no easy way to put this. Be direct? Fire signs have a way of zapping people into “higher awareness”. Oh, is that it – you say Fire signs? Not by a long shot, for most of you several shots of the best alcohol to dull the sting – for you. What others don’t realize when they get you in an uproar are how much “damage” you can actually do to a person’s sense of self-confidence when rattled. You become vipers of “mental wellness”. Fire knows the same thing that caused an emotional wound is the only remedy that is 100% proof to remove it completely. But the effects towards you can be bliss when you speak from the heart and say whatever you need to feel relieved yourself. You don’t look for bar fights they somehow come to you as people with issues and egos. Eureka! You are the zodiac’s best psychologists and sado-masochistic Holy Priests of “the whole truth” and nothing but. You don’t have time to be subtle which is why it’s best to be direct with all you do. Putting your all into things is mucho important when you want certain results. This includes fitness. You need more of it on the daily to balance out “arrow” energy-zapping zingers you aim so well. But on the positive side that uncanny knack for wit and explosive charm are nature’s best defense/offense mechanisms. People always know where they “stand” with you. You go out of your way to be friendly, politically correct, and heel-in-toe accurate with “psychic insights”. This is therapeutic because when you hold it all in it creates “emotional weight” and belly bloating. Add more “green” to your diet with green powder drinks, alkaline pH water, and nature walks. You’ll have more energy than you can do with so get organized about expending it by adding more sports, yoga, biking, or out of town travel.


A coworker could be “all over the place” when it comes to a new project. Yes, you have several tasks to complete but it’s important to make or create time for those “in need”. Good karma turns into “wealth”. People can’t get enough and love to linger in your company. They are generous with cash outlays for creative projects that smack “genius”. You know this so watch ego-trips it drives “karma”. How about a new career or enterprise in healing, psychology, teaching, or light working? Metaphysics is “inspiration”. You are all naturals at bringing others “up” and back into “happy places”. It’s that childlike innocence you tap as “intuition”. Use intuition to make financial calls by trusting instincts and matching up with Financial Astrology dates or transits. Enroll in spiritual workshops or join esoteric chat groups on any financial issue. Others always populate ideas you can benefit from or try as new methods. When you are calm money, finance, and new employment charge to you as “new opportunities”, faces, and places to live. Feeling lucky? Play the lottery. Instincts are spot on due to “Divine Timing”.


You’ll be “electric” with charm, sex appeal, and a real inner knowing of what your mate desires most. Instincts are strong on what to say, when, and how much so listen. Silence is perfect to extract truth. Are intimacy issues going on? Workshops, spiritual retreats, and “sharing” exercises build trust in the relationship. Sports activities are always great for “reconnecting”. You add physical energy to express feelings without the pressure of performing sexually. Sexual Astrology can also give an honest take on strengths, weaknesses, and direct “keywords” that act as triggers. Use word triggers to create “rewards”. When “Honey” says or does certain things you reward them or get rewarded. Singles its time to put on your best “reds” to Feng Shui “homeward” bound Twin Flames. Crystals, gems, and stones are all useful. Love Wicca or Love Astrology experts help guide “the one” to you. Love is a “magnetic” energy requiring the right stimulation to “attract”. It’s all in chemistry and alchemy. Sex will be explosive if the conversation is on point and poignant. You’ll be more attracted to the intellectual type so it’s key that the person you love likes what you like and loves what you love “to do”. It’s how you bring them into your world and not vice versa. Stop making the mistake of trying to fit in. Accept that others must fit in with you. Fire is not to be controlled but “enjoyed”. Share kinky secrets and see if your love is game to try. You might be happily surprised.

2nd Half of the month –

It’s time to commit and sign your name on the dotted line. Are you ready to be bond to another and responsible for what happens between you? Life comes in “challenges” that trigger surprise endings. Tarot is best for fast direct answers but you’ll need to know how to phrase the “right questions”. Some are drawn to work with “Angels” or receive “angelic” encounters as dreams, premonitions, or strong feelings. Karmic Astrology has in-depth insights about special dates. Being calm is “key”. Try different types of yoga and “Energy Medicine”. It is vital to keep the body healthy with wellness foods, treats, and juices. You’ll need to detoxify the blood and purify with herbal teas, herbs, and regular homemade “flushes”. Shop online for free recipes and read “testimonials”. Having a higher metabolism will make you think fast too. Answers come intuitively as “instinct”. Refine yours with workshops, training v-logs, or online chats about Tarot, the occult, or anything related to esoteric mysteries. Reincarnation will also be something that fascinates you. Spend more time with metaphysics studies to strengthen “psychic awareness”.


Are you doing what you love for a living? Are you adding techniques to inspire more love of your job? We all fall out of love but there are proven tips to help you “fall back in love”. It’s about finding that “one thing” or part of a process you look forward to doing to see results. Results inspire you to work better and perform at “master” levels. Don’t just do your job look at how what you do influences the entire moneymaking process. Keep a log for random creative thoughts. Assemble a weekly report to help the boss and be sure to “take credit” or ask for it. Artists it is your responsibility to read contracts before signing. When others dangle large checks to get quick signings pump the brakes. They know something you don’t. Find out how they benefit so you know how much to ask for in royalties, settlements, or ancillary income. Money Tarot is also helpful in reading “intentions” or motives. All deals with be final or finalizing so go slow. Many marry into wealth. This means new crowds and etiquette to learn. You want to blend but not “fit” in so you retain individuality. It’s important for you to use positive thinking to attract whatever you want. Be specific with what the “aim” of a venture is so you don’t fall off track or become overwhelmed with too much analysis. Take goals in steps and “small chews” instead of huge bites. You reach the aim but on a schedule that works with you.


Singles there has been a certain someone who is highly fascinated with you. Universe shows this person to be a VIP or person of great renown. There’s one glitch in the “stewing pot” of emotion, desire, and absolute craving. You are repelled. It has nothing to do with their affluence. It has everything to do with “manners, etiquette, and acting like they give a damn”. It is related to reincarnation and a “continuation” from a past life. Karmic astrology is best to find solutions on how to “react”. Are you flattered perhaps, but you are more interested in a fresh start on the “right” terms. Have you said this directly? If you do it will initiate “healing” of psychosis. Couples the same applies. It could be downright annoying when a loved one let’s self go in appearance, insensitive comments, or downright secretive behavior. Little things like squeezing from the middle instead of the bottom can trigger big blowouts. Stop holding in resentments so you can heal inside and let go of old baggage. Destiny has bigger opportunities for relationships that offer true value, trust, loyalty, and honest emotions. If you want to stick it out it will require counseling, Sexual Astrology analysis, or couples compatibility reports. Once you can clearly see what is irritating that’s when you can do something “wise” to remove it and move on.

Transitions to Watch

October 4 – Mercury retrogrades – Scorpio

This is a day when others will stop “bullying” behaviors and stand up to express “rights”. If you want to make moves use “please” and “thank you” during exchanges. Good karma goes a long way in harmonizing tense situations. Whatever you want you can get it directly by asking. You can ask for Divine Intervention, too. Some step out your own as new businesses in e-counseling, holistic healing, and providing wellness alternatives using occult powers. Study more metaphysics for tips to make work fun again! Bring the dead back to life with ambition, love of profession, and lots of passion. Create self-reward programs and forget being “politically” correct. Just have more fun.

October 8 – Full Moon, 100% Lunar Eclipse – (5:55am EST) – Aries

Devote personal time to brainstorm creative thoughts. Rough draft original concepts and organize ideas. Refine the aim. Clarify what it is you wish to achieve in “results”. Now work backwards in “steps, phases, and milestones”. Be more passionate about finding how “it can all come together”. Write down names of contacts or potential prospects as “A-lists” for whatever task you have in mind. You are building the perfect team. You’ll have good luck being in the right place. Get familiar with hangouts or popular places and make it a point to “frequent” them. Dress to impress. Feng Shui power colors into ensembles. Get familiar with how to light work crystals, gems, or stones. Hire an expert. VIPs recognize new talent and now the world will “know” you and what you are about. Congratulations on jobs well done. E-businesses redo websites to reflect celestial or astrology events. It’s all about being “appeasing”. Have you met a person who stimulates you mentally? Is this person super smart, sexy, confident, and sure of what they do or don’t want? It’s a tall order can you deliver the best to seal the deal? Couples its time to explore “oneness” therapies, astrology compatibility, and anything to bring you closer intimately.

October 10 – Mercury (R) regresses – Libra 00’00”

Whatever was left last month now hangs in the “balance”. Do your personal best to give others a fair shake. If being kind doesn’t work drop interaction completely. Use silence to keep harmony. Prayer works miracles! You don’t have to use spells to get others to do right by you. Be your usual loving self and expect “love” to be returned. When it isn’t no worries in some other way universe sees that you do get what you deserve from new directions. Artists, contracts are presented but now it not best to sign but “research” how the money will be made and how you’ll be paid. Surprises are in store so get an astrology transit update. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

October 23 – Sun enters Scorpio – 00’00”

Things have to match to make sense. Slow down emotional outbursts and get into a calm state of mindfulness with yoga, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques, or mindfulness meditation. You can’t make the right moves until you are well educated on what’s right for you. A personalized astrology transit or Tarot for emotional issues clarifies “slow starts” or blurred thinking. Follow interests in occult, metaphysics, or any other spiritual study. Feeding the soul clears the mind to do whatever you can “brainstorm”. Ask experts and build up a network of “go to” persons. You need “people”. Love vibes are super strong and leading you to new places that feel a lot like destiny. You are getting warmer when it comes to finding “the one”. Is the computer running slower? It may be time to upgrade or purchase antivirus software. Scan the paper or go online for timely “electronics” sales and compare pricings before purchase. Ask about warranty programs and timelines.

October 23 – Venus enters Scorpio – 00’00”

Put down the emotional “weapons” and come to terms on what it is you want, expect, and crave from a relationship. Stop the mind games for power or “final” say-so. Couples look at how much you want the relationship to work. Is it strong enough to vent through ego-trips? Work towards “solutions” and resolutions if there is past life karma involved. Karmic Astrology and Sexual Astrology compatibility can refine and retune love relations. If you aren’t working together it’s clear you are working against the other. Accept what you’ve done and rework situations. Admit failings so intimacy, trust, and loyalty can be renewed. New relationships hit super highs in forming greater devotion, commitment, and sexual intimacy. Yahoo! Discuss fetishes openly and try a little more kinkiness to stoke passions. Breakthroughs come in finances, business, love, and any joint capital ventures. If you are selling anything be honest about “everything” if you don’t it could return to “bite”.

October 23 – New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse – (4:57pm EST) – Scorpio

Do you have flair with understanding numbers, patterns, and figures? The world needs you! Start an e-business and build it up by employing or partnering with other experts, professionals, or consultants. Start a network website listing “go to” places others can get “in the know”. Create “Top 10” lists of “bests, favorites, or hot spots”. Consider becoming an expert in Feng Shui, Tarot, EMT techniques, Energy Medicine, Reiki, or psychology astrology. Feeling a bit rusty? No problem there are several free online v-logs, workshops, or classes you can use to brush up technique. Are you a creative mind? Ever thought about writing for a living, blogging original content for big corporations, or creating “awareness” hot spots? It’s not as complicated as you think to get started. Ask the right people the right questions and watch “doors” burst open with fresh opportunities. Reinvent fitness workouts by adding more cross training. Hydrate with alkaline pH water systems to keep energy stabilized and let go of “emotional baggage”. Couples be of a mind to reinvent the relationship or “let go”. Twin Flame alert and soul mating alert! Expect to meet “the one” and prepare feelings of déjà vu with “Twin Flame” symptom checklists.

October 25 – Mercury goes direct in Libra – 00’00”

Events left hanging in the air October 4th circle back for “re-direction”. Confront old feelings once and for good using metaphysics. Try “compassion” therapies to drop prejudice, fears, and suspicious thinking. You want to open your heart so you can feel the flow of universe. Initiate new self-journeys to spark soul renewal. Choose a spiritual therapy that works for you! Shop more metaphysical websites or subscribe to “blogs”. Free your mind and remove emotional forms of “bondage” like guilt, shame, and regret. Accept what has happened and build on that moving forward in a new direction. No one can be right all the time besides what fun would it be if you were? Prepare for pleasant surprises from “good karma”. Finances surge. Sales are high so get the word out about your new business. Create special promotions and reward plans to attract customers. Get more interactive with the audience you are selling to and give them a place to voice “feelings”.

October 26 – Mars enters Capricorn – 00’00”

Hard work pays off BIG! Feng Shui the office and where ever you spend a great deal of time. A happy environment makes a happier you. Career news puts you on the map as a new Star to follow. Leadership opportunities are wide open and calling new “voices”. Become one and publish insights, instincts, and expertise on business, finances, and stock predictions. You have no idea who could be interested or intrigued in what you have to say. Self-expression explodes as the next big NEW industry. Try open-mic to test, perfect, and practice speaking, directing, writing, acting, or producing in entertainment. Nothing is limited until you create the “definitive”. Study the best in the industry and be “the best” with tips, techniques, and “know-how”. Stay street-sharp when it comes to dealing with “dark” types in the business. As long as they are good to you don’t worry about anything else. You could decide to adopt a pet. Visit local animal shelters for pets in need of a good home. You have much to give so start opening up and expressing more love. Couples if you love work more than home there is an issue. Break intimacy barriers with Tarot or Love Astrology. It’s all about tweaking “chemistry”. New relationships could be adding family members. Expect to hear news of “pregnancy”. Stay connected with youth and volunteer to be a mentor or person others can look to for counsel. It keeps you divinely connected. Fitness needs more flexibility. Explore the different types of “yoga” and find the one that fits based on the results you wish to achieve.

How to Prepare

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The famous James born and raised in Houston's Norhside on August 27, 2956 at 1:51 AM at Houston's famous Saint Joseph's Hospital in Downtown and Midtown Houston. James is running for Mayor of Houston again in 2015 and never giving up fighting to take back the city he loves and hates. Elect Gal as he is known also on November 3, 2015 and be a part of the ELECTION HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD. The time has come to galvanize R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Posted: Monday, December 21, 2015 2:09 PM Reply •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture •R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Enlarge Picture Sun Enters Capricorn -The Solstice (December 21, 2015) Apotheosis The Sacred Path, the Pathway to Perfection… These are the Four Sacred Directions: You Rise in the East, as Aries, You Turn to the South, in Cancer, You Bow in the West, through Libra… And so now you will take this Fourth Way, Look to the North as you enter Capricorn. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac are the Living Waters of Life-Consciousness-Spirit. These Four of the Twelve are the Realms of Awareness-Action, they are the Signs of Identity: Aries is your Self-Awareness; Libra your Awareness of the Other. Cancer is your Sacred Center; and Capricorn is your Destiny. These four corners form the Cross of Purpose; this is the Axis that leads to Apotheosis. In Aries you are Inspired by the Flame of Spirit of being a “one”, you are Self-Aware. In Libra you Know by Mindful Air, you are for one another, you are Inter-Dependent. In Cancer you Feel through the Waters of Life, you are centered and anchored by your Source. In Capricorn you are made Manifest by Earth, you assume your responsibilities as you seek to fulfill your Destiny. These Sacred Four form what is known as the Cardinal Cross; held together they are the whirling wheel that creates the Sacred Path-Way of Praxis. For this is “the Way”, that by this Integral Path that combines Inspiration, Thought, Feeling made Real, it is by this that your wondrous Journey of the Divine-that-is-the-Self-Becoming is made manifest. For you are an Immortal moving through mortal realms and forms. You move into Worlds, Bodies and Lives, but forever and ever you will always “walk on” through and beyond any one world, body or life. You are the self-becoming more and more of what you will be as you unfold the Spark of the Divine that resides at the Core of you in each and every life. And in each life you will grow and become what you are meant to be through “Trial & Error”. You will succeed at times, and you must and will also stumble. For it is by these “failures” and your adjustments that you climb the spiral path of conscious redemption. And, it is by this that you will come to understand, accept and become more of what you are here to be…a fully conscious co-creator of this Cosmos. Yes you are climbing, higher and higher, and at each turning you face again the ancient questions and fundamental truths that were there at the beginning…oh so long ago. Today, as Winter begins, when the shadows have stretched to their greatest extent, and the light seems to be fading away, it is now that you and the world will hold your breath…and you will pray. It is time once again, to face the darkness and believe, that Light and Truth and Goodness will not fade away. It is time to remember who you are, where you came from, who is before you, and why you are here…it is time once again to have a living faith in your destiny. For though it may seem that your world is falling into shadows, that your life and world is in dire peril…you will find a way through. As the familiar forms of self-realization are cracking and crumbling, whether in the realms of Religion, or Government, or Education or the Economy…you will come to know that this is merely the wheel of life turning again, for an old world is passing so that a new and better one shall rise…as it has done many, many times before. And this change, this re-birth, does not come from on high, it will not come by Fiat or by the will of the temporal holders of Power. No, the change in every world, form and life starts in the center of each and every one of you, from within each and every individual heart that hears the “Wind of the Spirit” and answers to the angels of our better nature. It is the "Voice of the Silence", your Higher Self abiding in the Intuitive Knowing that a better world is coming to be…and that you must be its Creator. Each year, at this time of Capricorn, you are asked to examine quite simply this one question, “What is the Responsible thing to do, what is my Responsibility?" To understand this you need but turn that word around. Your responsibility is always and forever about your “ability to respond”. To what, you might ask. What or to who are you responding? How can you know? How? Know Thyself! You are a Spark of the Divine, moving now through this Kingdom of being Human. It is in this time of your Spiritual Education that you are to learn what is “the good”, for you are endowed with the gift of choice, (and angels and those greater than they envy you this choice). You are given this gift so that you might learn to choose what is good, or better or loving. So that you can become a conscious, loving co-creator of creation. For today, in this time, you are here to respond to the needs of yourself, your family, your friends and to all of those with whom you journey. For you have come far and learned much, and you are only here now because you have taken care of one another, helped one another, and loved one another so as to create and form these living-loving spaces for one another that can preserve, protect and promote Life-Consciousness-Spirit. Remain focused upon this, and you will keep to the pathway of Spirit. There is much work to do when a world is passing away and another is coming into being. Your responsibility is great, but so is your reward. Preserve what you can, for many lives and loves fashioned this world and much in it is good. Be guided by your heart and know that the changes you must face and make should be guided always by the fundamental truth that you are here for one another, you are made by one another, and to harm any other inevitably means that you injure yourself equally too. Today you need remember, that even in the darkest hour, there remains a Light that will not go out, a Love that will not fail, and a Promise that will be Fulfilled. And this is so because you stand within a shining Hierarchy of Light that stretches from the Heart of Creation to the furthest reaches of this Cosmos. Every being within this Company of Brave Souls is slowly awakening to the truth, that all are sparks of the Divine, and in the heart of each soul there is found the Alignment and Attunement to one another. All of Creation is of the One, and every particle, life, planet, star and galaxy are At-Onement through and by the Love of the One, and by your love for one another too. At each and every turning, you will face your destiny. It is right, proper and good to align yourself with those like you who seek to bring about a better tomorrow. As we move from one world into the next, keep in your heart the Great Invocation: THE GREAT INVOCATION From the point of light within the Mind of God Let Light stream forth into our minds Let LIGHT descend on Earth. From the point of love within the Heart of God Let Love stream forth into our hearts May LOVE increase on Earth. From the center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide our wills The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve. From the center which we call Humanity Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! Fuck Hillary Clinton ! Arrest that god-damn White-Trash Protestant Piece of Shit Murderer and Traitor and sentence her to hang for treason and crimes against humanity. I am James Partsch-Galvan from Houston, Texas USA and the 2016 Green Party Candidate for US House of Representatives CD 29 in Texas. Wealth Inequality in America R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON Join Us and Invest in Freedom! GALVANISM, GALVANISM0, GALVANISME, GALVANISMUS Who would you like to invite into R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON? A Flickr member? You can invite any Flickr member to join a group, whether or not they are your contacts. You'll be able to select people and send them a customized invitation to join R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON. Invite a Flickr member? or... A friend who isn't a member yet? Inviting a friend to join a group is a good way to get them to join Flickr and get involved in a group they might be interested in. When you invite a new person to join up via a group, we set you up as contacts, and add them as a new member of R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]UTI​ON. Invite a new person to join Flickr? Galvan Name Meaning Spanish (Galván): from a medieval personal name. This is in origin the Latin name Galbanus (a derivative of the Roman family name Galba, of uncertain origin). However, it was used in a number of medieval romances as an equivalent of the Celtic name Gawain (see Gavin), and it is probably this association that was mainly responsible for its popularity in the Middle Ages. • Location: Beaumont/Pt Arthur, College Station, Galveston, Houston, Huntsville
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